Guadalajara pointingWelcome! I’m Cora Bresciano, and Classroom Odyssey is a site focused on my passion for connecting students to the world by using story as a tool of global collaboration and learning.

When students take part in global story exchanges, they learn about the wider world while teaching about their own corner of it. They start to think critically about assumptions and biases they might have. They learn to collaborate across geographic and cultural divides. And they gain the opportunity to celebrate the differences and similarities among humans on our planet.

Whether they’re writing and sharing stories about their daily lives or reading and responding to literature and myths from their own and other cultures, common ground is quickly established and creative learning takes place as a natural result.

Classroom Odyssey is a place to gain and share knowledge and resources about global education. It’s also a place to build a community of global education professionals who want their classrooms to be more creative, connected, and fun.

About Me

Cora Bresciano: Reader, Writer, Teacher, Traveler


I was raised in New York, in a family of immigrants from French Canada and Italy, in a house where three languages were spoken and where cultures met and mixed on a daily basis. Trips out of the country to visit family were a part of my life from the time I was a small child, and as a citizen of both the US and the EU, I continue to feed my passions for travel, languages, and learning about other ways of living in the world. Professionally, I’m dedicated to helping teachers create virtual spaces where their students can meet and share their stories across borders.

BPSummer2017_-29 (2)In 2008, along with my friend and colleague Susan Gay Wemette, I co-founded Blue Planet Writers’ Room. For the past decade, our teaching writers and teaching artists have led students in international story exchange projects. We’ve worked with around 4500 students at dozens of local schools, connecting them to nearly 30 schools and cultural organizations in 17 countries on 5 continents.

I lead professional development workshops on how to create meaningful global story exchanges, and I write and present on my work in the US and internationally. SONY DSCI hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from FAU and a Bachelor’s in Music Education from Hofstra University in New York. I’m currently completing my coursework in FAU’s Comparative Studies PhD program, where I’m focusing on the intersection of literature and global studies–specifically on desaparecido writers erased by fascism in Spain and the ways in which contemporary writers are re-inscribing them into Spain’s national narrative.

I have taught in music programs in public and private schools; I have been a theatrical music director and composer/lyricist, teaching voice and creative dramatics; I have taught creative writing to primary and secondary students as well as to adults; and I have taught English at the university level. With my background in multiple cultures, multiple disciplines, and many, many international collaborations, I have a special interest in exploring how, when cultures come together peacefully, amazing things can happen.