Presenting on Global Competence and Crankies

Crankie cover slide

I was delighted to present online today at the 8th annual Global Education Conference. The presentation was called “What’s a Crankie?? Using Creative Story Exchanges to Build Global Competence and Connect Students Across Borders,” and it showcased the process of an international collaboration between a class in Florida and one in Shanghai. Each group created a crankie, a backdrop scroll loaded onto two spindles and cranked from one side to the other, that told the story of their corner of world. Students made shadow puppets to populate the scenes on their backdrops, and wrote “postcards” or a script to accompany their art.

Today at the conference, which draws global educators from all over the world, we used the Blackboard Collaborate platform, where we were able to click through our PowerPoint presentation, show video clips on YouTube, and talk and type with our session participants. We had folks in our “room” from as near as Chicago and as far as Azerbaijan!

It was professional development about global education that used the very tools we are, or could be, using to connect our students to each other. So effective. And so interesting to sit in on other sessions and see what kinds of projects are going on in classrooms close by and far away. Kudos to the conference directors, Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray, for the wonderful forum and community they’ve created.

The session was recorded and will soon be available as a downloadable file; once that happens, I’ll post it here so you, too, can learn how to teach about the world by using writing, art…and crankies.



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